EDD: What is your best advice for someone brand new to teaching, especially at the beginning of the school year?



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EDD: go to makeup products for teachers?


As y’all know, I do not try with outfits, but I like nice makeup and hair. My go to products are Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer and Neutrogena makeup remover cloths.

I don’t know where I’d be without EcoTools makeup brushes. I still do the winged eyeliner, and their angled eyeliner brush gives me perfect lines in two minutes or less.

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EDD: Which pop culture teacher do you most wish your students saw you as?




I imagine that some fandoms could come into play…

Due to our Boy Meets World kick, I’m going to say Mr. Feeny.  A close second is Ms. Frizzle.  

I had a student last year who compared us all to Harry Potter teachers. I was McGonagall. Very pleased with that choice!!

Definitely Remus Lupin. Famous for his hands-on practices, his sage advice, and the respect his students had for him. I aspire to that.

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For my first year teacher friends (and anyone who’s struggling right now)


One of my English teachers gave me a very sage piece of advice going into my student teaching and first year teaching. He told me “The job of a first year teacher is to survive.

Yes, we all want much more than to survive. We all want to be good. We want to live up to the ideals that got us into this job in the first place. But you know what? We can’t get there right away and that’s OK.

What would you tell a student who, when trying a new thing for the first time, struggled? Would you tell them: “maybe you aren’t cut out for this”? “Maybe you should quit”? No. You’d tell them to keep trying, you’d help them find ways to feel—and be—successful. You’d help them get better day to day. And when they finally succeeded in that challenge, you’d praise their hard work. So do that for yourself. 

Take a look back on your year already. Think about mistakes you’ve made—and goodness knows we’ve all made them. Think about what you’d do differently. There! That mistake you made will be a success next time. Think about the good days you’ve had. I’ve made it a habit of posting when that happens, and tagging it “good day” so if I ever need a pick-me-up I can go back through my archives and say “OK well maybe I’m not a complete failure.” Maybe, just maybe I have had an impact on someone.

We all tell our students that it’s OK to fail, to not be successful right away so long as you keep trying. So my advice to you is: Treat yourself like you would a struggling student. Love yourself. Support yourself. Understand that when you mess up that it is only a temporary state. That the frustration, the stress, all of that won’t be around forever. Yes, there will be new challenges and problems but you will be better prepared to face them because of the challenges you are facing now. Just like a student learns from mistakes made in one grade and can then use that lesson to keep them from making similar mistakes in the next. Every bad day leaves you better prepared to handle the ones ahead and sometimes it can turn what would have been a bad day for first year you into a pretty good day for second year you. And it does get easier. It’s never completely easy; but we all know that. But you know something? You will survive this. You will get better. THIS will get better. You’ve got this.

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8/24 and 8/25 are Education Dare Days!


When an Education Dare Day is announced from this blog:

  1. Reblog the announcement!
  2. Ask one question related to education on your tumblr for your followers to answer.  Post the responses in one single post later.
  3. Ask at LEAST 2 of the tumblrs in the #education community a question in their ask box. It does not have to be related to education.

Please tag your posts as "education dare day" and/or "EDD.” 

You do not need to be a teacher to participate.

The purpose is to help the education community get to know each other, as well as provide opportunities to learn from each other.  

I dare you to reach out to someone you don’t know very well or is new to tumblr/#education!

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What literature are you most looking forward to teaching this year?

That’s a tough one! I get to teach a lot of really great lit. I think the one that I’m most looking forward to has to be Catching Fire. The amateur adults are really looking forward to it, and we’re going to be talking about protest and revolution in light of events throughout the last five years or so.

My Shakespeare unit is a close second.

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EDD: What’s one unshakeable part of your routine when you walk into school in the morning?

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EDD, second verse: What are you taking for lunch this week?

I’m making a big pot of taco soup today and eating it with tortilla chips and fixings all week. I’m also packing myself a raspberry oatmeal bar for dessert. I eat lunch with my eighth grade students in the classroom, and they are continually fascinated by what I cook. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I do cook. I’m unclear on that.

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How to Make Your Classroom Dyslexia Friendly Infographic - e-Learning Infographics


See on Scoop.it - Education Matters - (tech and non-tech)

The Classroom Dyslexia Friendly Infographic presents 8 tips that teachers can implement to better accommodate the learning needs of the dyslexic students

See on elearninginfographics.com
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Great first-week activity from Teacher’s Pet. Spotted on Facebook today.

Great first-week activity from Teacher’s Pet. Spotted on Facebook today.

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